Realcorp Commercial Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company operating within office spaces and other commercial facilities across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. At Realcorp Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves on exceptional service to our clients, big or small, in providing a clean and safe workplace for thousands of Victorians.

Realcorp is so confident in the quality and professionalism of our services that we offer all clients a money back quality guarantee.
Realcorp is a family owned business. The owners of the business play an active role within the day to day operations of the business and personally see to it that all of our clients receive the service that they deserve.
Environmental consciousness is an area of importance that is emphasised within Realcorp from the top down. We believe that it is our obligation to be respectful and proactive when it comes to looking after the environment.
We believe that every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect.
Get Quality Building Cleaning From the Team Setting a New Standard

With the changes that we’ve all had to incorporate into our lives since the start of the worldwide health crisis, cleaning has become one of the public’s priorities. While there are many options for building cleaning, you should always work with a team that takes extra precautions for proper decontamination and deep cleaning. Due to an intensification of the requirements for attentive modern cleaning, consumers are saying goodbye to substandard cleaning services—and that is where our team enters the picture.

The Benefits of Using a Highly Attentive Cleaning Team for Your Office Space

As soon as the worldwide health crisis hit, we realised the necessity of investing in high-quality equipment and training for our staff. All these aspects of our building cleaning services help you to achieve the results that you need during a building clean.

How do our practices benefit your operation? Better equipment allows us to maintain a level of consistency that our clients come to know as a new industry standard. You should not have to settle for subpar results or teams using equipment that can’t reach the level of cleanliness that you desire.

Our investment in training has put us one step ahead of our competitors. We make sure that our staff understands every aspect of the job so that they never miss a spot during our Melbourne cleaning services. All the full decontaminations that we have handled since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak have bolstered our training and given our staff an excellent grasp of the level of cleaning that we require to meet our exceptional standards.

Things You Should Know About Our Building Cleaning Services in Melbourne
We provide complete clarity regarding each building cleaning in Melbourne so that our clients can make more informed decisions regarding the team that they want to hire. We start by getting a full understanding of your requirements. The factors that we take into consideration here involve multiple aspects of the job scope, including the size of the space, the materials that we need to clean, and how many cleaners you will need to complete the service on schedule.

We always emphasise the complete cleaning of places in your business that feature high levels of staff interaction to help mitigate the spread of anything that could potentially benefit from points of high traffic. Whether or not COVID-19 reports are currently active in your area, this process is a part of our routine cleaning services.

At Realcorp, we take pride in being an industry leader and will always take the necessary steps to stay ahead of our competitors and changes in the industry. We want to deliver nothing but the best results to our clients, and we know that every step of our process – from procuring high-quality equipment to training our staff fully, helps us to achieve that goal.

Accessing our services is as simple as giving us a call and talking to one of our professionals.

"We strive to earn your trust and once we have delivered, we strive to keep it. That’s what makes our clients stay with us."