Where We Service

Realcorp Commercial Cleaning service all areas of Melbourne & Adelaide. Please see some of the specific suburbs we service below, however this list is not exhaustive. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your commercial cleaning needs today.




At Realcorp we use top-line cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure that our service continues to remain above the curve.

All procedures are strategically assessed to ensure that equipment is highly effective, environmentally friendly and safe for our staff and clients.

Realcorp Partner - Oates

For over 75 years in Australia, Oates have been the leaders in innovation and design of cleaning equipment and products. Notably, Oates have developed and in our opinion are the best in their field in micro fiber flat mopping systems. These systems extract more dirt than conventional mops, require minimal or no chemicals and can be washed and reused which results in a low carbon footprint. Realcorp work with the Oates Innovation team to test new products and provide direct feedback on industry needs.

Realcorp Partner - Freshops
FreshOps is a Time and Attendance and Field Management system which we use as a valuable tool to manage
our staff on the ground. Staff are required to check in and check out of each shift by scanning their phones to a GPS tracked QR tag located at each site. The system measures to the second how long each staff member has been on site and alerts management if there are ever ‘late’, ‘under scheduled time’, ‘over scheduled time’ or ‘no
show’ shifts. All of our specific site scopes are also loaded into FreshOps and staff are required to sign off tasks, upload photo verification (if required) and provide completion comments for each shift. Every shift is required to be approved online by the Site Manager.
Realcorp Partner - karcher

Karcher are a global leader in efficient, resource-conserving cleaning machinery. Karcher share our philosophy of constantly trying to achieve the best solution to every cleaning task, and for this reason Realcorp use Karcher for the majority of our machinery needs. Realcorp has direct access to Karcher Australia headquarters and regularly attain advice on which of the 1,300 patented machines and products are best suited for each of our clients’ unique requirements.

Realcorp Partner - Victorian Cleaning Supplies

Realcorp use Victorian Cleaning Supplies for our consumable, general equipment and maintenance requirements. Victorian Cleaning Supplies have significant industry experience and our experience has shown that they deliver a professional and friendly service.

Realcorp Commercial Cleaning

Processes for Keeping Your Office Clean

Our commercial cleaning services are underpinned by thorough systems of operations, accountability, inspection, reporting, and responsive communications.

Our 6 Systems of Operations & Accountability


GPS, Cloud based software to track cleaning time, attendance, task scope and on-site team management in real time.

Recruitment Process

Proprietary multi-layered recruitment process to recruit quality candidates.


Site specific training, ensuring our team knows exactly what to do, what needs special attention, and how to diligently clean without disrupting your business operations.

Quality Checks

Weekly quality checks by Realcorp Management (internal) and periodic quality checks with key client contact.


Open communication between your management and our team to ensure focus items are identified and quickly addressed.


Detailed regular reporting submitted to you by our cleaning inspection management team. We ensure that you stay across the scope of works that have been completed.


Here at Realcorp we have 9 key pillars that underpin the way we approach our commercial cleaning & aged care labour hire services. These flow into the key benefits and what you can expect when you choose to partner with Realcorp.

Realcorp Cleaning

Quality Framework

ISO accredited clients, or those who simply appreciate the value of thorough systems and controls have welcomed our Quality Framework, which is made up of:

  • FreshOps, our comprehensive cloud-based software with GPS capability, used to track time and attendance, manage scope and manage our team. By engraining the use of leading smart tech in our company, it allows for efficient and effective practices for our happy clients.To learn more about what smart tech you should expect your cleaning contractors to be using, read the below article written by Realcorp Founder and Director John Reale in FM Magazine.
  • Multi-layered recruitment process to ensure that only the best candidates are selected for employment with Realcorp.
  • We offer site specific training for all team members to ensure they are confident and empowered to work within your building space.
  • Periodic quality walks performed with key client contact to ensure our work output is meeting your high expectations.

Industry Thought Leaders

Realcorp Founder and Director, John Reale, is a regular participant in industry magazines including InClean and FM, sharing his thoughts on current and pressing industry issues, and to contribute valuable tools and insights with an ultimate aim to improve the cleaning industry.

Direct & Fair Employment

Realcorp is proud to confirm that we only engage staff via direct employment. We have no subcontractors on any of our sites.

All employees are paid in accordance with the Cleaning Services Award and Fair Work, which includes award rates and full compliance with superannuation, work cover, payroll tax, portable LSL and other Fair Work obligations. In an industry where subcontractors are too often engaged on sub-legal terms, we are strong believers that paying our team fairly is not only the right thing to do from legal and ethical perspectives but aligns with our long-term strategy of keeping our team engaged and their strong performance maintained.

Labour Hire Licensing

Since 30 June 2020 all commercial cleaning contractors have been required to be licensed under the Labour Hire Licensing Authority. Organisations using contractors (referred to as ‘Hosts’) are required to only engage those contractors who either hold a license or have at least applied for a license which is currently pending, otherwise face fines up to $500,000. Realcorp can confirm that we meet all Labour Hire Licensing requirements. Labour Hire Licensing was brought in by the State Government to better police fair pay for employees, compliance with industry Awards and FairWork legislation.

To learn more, read the following article written by Realcorp Founder and Director John Reale in InClean Magazine.


In an industry where unfortunately cheap, unregistered and non-compliant operators are widespread, we do not compete to be the ‘cheapest’ – but we compete amongst the best in the industry to supply consistent quality, high end work and provide you the best value for money. We know we have been successful in positioning ourselves in this industry with our excellent client retention rates exceeding our already ambitious internal benchmarks.


Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

Realcorp is a medium sized business. The owners of the business play an active role within the day-to-day operations of the business and personally see to it that all of our clients receive the service that they deserve.

Simultaneously, management of Realcorp have had extensive experience when it comes to large contracts and have the systems and processes in place to be able to provide an exceptional service no matter the size of the engagement.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmental consciousness is an area of importance that is emphasised within Realcorp from the top down. We believe that it is our obligation to be respectful and proactive when it comes to looking after the environment. We specifically train our staff on the importance of recycling, responsible waste management, and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies wherever possible.

Equality & Diversity

As supporters of equality and diversity within the workplace, we believe that every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect. It is for this reason that management of Realcorp are fully committed to equality and diversity within our workforce. All employees, whether full time, part time, or casual, are treated fairly and equally and with respect. All employees are helped and encouraged by management to develop to their full potential.

Trust - More than just a word

Trust is an easy word to say but a confidence that needs to be earned.  At Realcorp, we don’t take our clients for granted. In fact, we strive to earn your trust and once we have delivered, we strive to keep it. That’s what makes our clients stay with us. We adapt, evolve and grow with our clients and we believe this differentiates us from our competitors.

If you have any questions on how we work, or how we can work together, please contact us.


I had to send multiple emails each week to the previous contractor to advise of inadequate cleaning or areas that were missed. But now with the obvious structure in Realcorp’s systems, my time taken in overseeing the cleaning contract is significantly decreased.

Cathy, McCain Foods

I’ve had numerous staff going out of their way to tell me how impressed they are with the cleaning since Realcorp took over the contract.

Paula, Davies Collison Cave 

It is difficult to find a company that will go that extra mile when it comes to maintaining the clean appearance required with a workplace. Realcorp certainly tick that box.

Dani, Nutrano

Thanks again for coming out today, it was great to walk the site and review the work. You guys are doing such a great job and are a pleasure to work with! Best so far for this building in 10 years!

Anthony, Chairman, 5 Wardens Walk

John and the team at Realcorp are extremely reliable and very professional. They respond to queries promptly, their staff are personable and always provide excellent service.

Monica, Owners Corporation Manager, The Knight

I have been working with Realcorp Commercial Cleaning for a couple of years now and highly recommend their services. Their staff are great to deal with, are reliable and always attend to any issues within a timely manner. The feedback I have received from my Committees so far is very positive.

Emma, Owners Corporation Manager, Bluestone OCM

Realcorp have been servicing out building since 2018. They have always provided an outstanding service – highly professional, friendly and helpful staff and strong management team so I rarely need to ask them to attend to anything they’ve missed.

Mick, Building Manager, 288 Albert Street