Industry-Leading Office Cleaning Services In Geelong & Ballarat

Commercial cleaning keeps your office space presentable and hygienic – leaving a good impression on your external visitors. Realcorp provides a range of premium office cleaning services in Ballarat and Geelong. A commercial cleaner from our expert team will help you develop a tailored work program and cleaning schedule for your business. We keep your workspace tidy and germ-free, In a way that will maintain the well-being of your employees.

What Does A Commercial Cleaner Do?

Commercial cleaners conduct Core regular cleans in combination with periodic deep cleaning services. At Realcorp, we assign duties to cleaners on a rotating cleaning schedule – ensuring that each part of your office is cleaned regularly and Optimum hygiene is maintained. Our cleaners will typically Maintain high traffic areas such as the kitchen, break room, and bathrooms on a daily basis to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. The type of services you require Will differ based on your industry, the size of your office, and your workforce.

Realcorp offers a range of tailored cleaning services to suit your unique business needs. Some standard cleaning duties include:

Window and shop front cleaning.
Window and shop front cleaning.
Disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens.
Vacuuming vents, chairs, and carpets.
Mopping and polishing hard floors.

Our Commercial Cleaning Team Are Reliable & Experienced

Cleaning your office by yourself is time-consuming and hiring And managing cleaning staff can be a Time consuming process. It is often challenging to find reliable, experienced cleaners who offer professionalism as a corporate cleaning service team. Building An internal cleaning team requires constant interviewing, training, and supervision. Choosing to outsource your cleaning team removes the responsibility of hiring your cleaners and Will allow you more time to focus on your core business operations.

A commercial cleaning team works quickly and efficiently in the background without disrupting your employees and their productivity. Realcorp will provide our own equipment and supplies, so you don’t have to purchase Or manage cleaning chemicals or consumables.. Our expert cleaning teams are trained in the appropriate health and safety protocols, and we ensure that your office is compliant with legal hygiene standards.

About Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Geelong & Ballarat

Realcorp offers professional office cleaning in Geelong and Ballarat, and we service a wide range of industries. Our team is well-trained and committed to consistent customer satisfaction. Realcorp have experience with the small, medium, and large corporate cleaning contracts, and our reliable team can handle any cleaning job, no matter that size.

We design and implement systems that ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned. Our Management team conducts regular quality inspections to promote consistency and continual improvement.

We believe that every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect. It is for this reason that the management Realcorp are fully committed to equality and diversity within our workforce.

About Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Geelong & Ballarat

Environmental consciousness is an area of importance that is emphasised within Realcorp from the top down. We believe that it is our obligation to be respectful and proactive when it comes to looking after the environment.