Commercial Cleaning in Ballarat From an Industry-Leading Team

Having access to a reliable team that can provide commercial cleaning in Ballarat means that your business can look its best every day of the week. Whether you’re planning to hold a critical investor meeting, or you want to use your premises as grounds for an exhibition; our team can assist you by offering a premium cleaning service that only our professionals can achieve.

Ballarat’s First-Choice Commercial Cleaning Company

Understanding what we bring to the table helps you to get a clear picture of whether our team is the right option for your workplace. Our dedicated leadership team have spent hours fine-tuning our systems for cleaning, training our staff, and procuring only the best commercial grade equipment that the industry has to offer.

We guarantee unrivalled cleaning quality because we understand that you want a cleaning service that takes into consideration the worldwide health crisis. We firmly believe that our comprehensive COVID-19 procedures, combined with our already existing watertight Quality Framework, sets Realcorp apart as a first-choice industry leader.

We Handle Your Cleaning Requirements With Care

We are proud to say that we are the frontier cleaning company in Ballarat that cares about our clients. Our appropriately sized team can handle all your cleaning requirements with care. You will work closely with our owners so that you never have to worry about communicating up the ladder.

Strong Supporters of Equality & Diversity Within The Workplace

We believe that every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect. It is for this reason that management of Realcorp are fully committed to equality and diversity within our workforce.

Common Signs That You Could Use Our Professional Cleaning Team

Understand when it’s time to call on a professional team in Ballarat for your cleaning needs. The first thing that you should pay attention to is the size of your space. Many sizable businesses hire unsophisticated cleaning contractors to service their premises once per week or more frequently. These cleaners can quickly become overwhelmed if the space is too large, or if the company has inadequate quality controls..

We encourage businesses to pay attention to how much traffic your office or building space receives during a normal day, and how many employees or visitors are just passing through to drop off or pick up something. Our COVID-19 mindful team makes us the ideal choice for any large-scale job that requires attention to every area of your business, including areas with frequent short-term visitors.


If you think it’s time to Engage a more professional cleaner that continues to evolve and grow with you, give us a call today.