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Our commercial cleaning services in Melbourne have improved and evolved based on the experience we’ve gained over the years. We Also strive to provide our clients with the best and most professional services in Ballarat and Geelong. Our focus is on supplying extensive, reliable Cleaning solutions to our clients and only employing highly trained and committed Team members.

The Difference Between Realcorp And Most Other Commercial Cleaning Companies

We offer regulated, systemised, and structured services in Melbourne and regional Victoria that are not only based on the excellence of the individual cleaner. We allocate an Operations Manager to your location and Provide site-specific training to ourcommercial cleaning staff to follow a tailored work program. Management performsregular quality assurance inspections. We do not use sub-contractors at all, only directly employed workers. We offer our clients a money-back quality guarantee because we believe in the value of our system.

Realcorp Provides Outstanding Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

We offer preventative or high touch point and decontamination commercial cleaning to companies in Melbourne for infectious diseases. Our services include industrial, gym, food manufacturing, owner’s corporation, retail, and office cleaning, and we also offer our services to medical centres, childcare centres, schools, and apartment buildings. Our owners are actively involved in the daily operations to ensure that you receive the assistance and service you expect and deserve.

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At Realcorp we care about sustainability and the environment. We also support diversity and equality in the workplace and promote a setting that endorses esteem and dignity for all.

Our Cleaners, Team Leaders, Operations Managers, and Owners managers, and owners take full responsibility for the work that we have been engaged to complete. We set up a face-to-face time with you to ensure that our commercial cleaning servicesAlign with your expectations. The managers and employees who work at the companies we service are satisfied with our conduct, attention to detail and our willingness to go above and beyond in maintaining the cleanliness in their workspaces.

We know you do not want to face dirt and disorganisation in your manufacturing plants, medical centres, common areas, and office spaces. That is why we do everything necessary to outclass in the industry and stay ahead of the curve.. Being a secondary business element, we believe that our clients should not even be aware of their cleaning aspects.If our clients do not need to think about cleaning, It means that we have done our job perfectly if you feel comfortable, safe, and happy in your working environment and you can concentrate on your core business responsibilities.

Our staff communicate proactively, respond to any service issues you may have promptly, and use correctly maintained, cutting-edge equipment because your satisfaction matters to us.


Contact us if you hear your staff complaining about company hygiene. Give us a call, complete the online form, or send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.