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Why choose Realcorp?

Realcorp Commercial Cleaning is an industry leading professional commercial cleaning company for businesses, owners, corporations and education facilities across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. At Realcorp, we pride ourselves on exceptional service to our clients, big or small, in providing a clean and safe workplace for thousands of Victorians.

Our commercial cleaners in Melbourne, and regional Victoria – including Ballarat and Geelong – bring high-quality cleaning solutions to any commercial environment – such as office environments, shopping centres, schools, worksites, apartment buildings, and more and work to high standards you can rely on.


Realcorp is so confident in the quality and professionalism of our commercial cleaning services that we offer all clients a money back quality guarantee.


Realcorp is a medium sized business. The owners of the business play an active role within the day to day operations of the business and personally see to it that all of our clients receive the service that they deserve.


Environmental consciousness is an area of importance that is emphasised within Realcorp from the top down. We believe that it is our obligation to be respectful and proactive when it comes to looking after the environment.


We believe that every employee is entitled to a working environment which promotes dignity and respect.

Keeping it real.

We provide professionalism to our clients.

With processes that have been adapted and developed from management experience in auditing and consulting services combined with the dedication of highly trained cleaning professionals, we are confident that there is no commercial cleaning company more professional and reliable than Realcorp.


I had to send multiple emails each week to the previous contractor to advise of inadequate cleaning or areas that were missed. But now with the obvious structure in Realcorp’s systems, my time taken in overseeing the cleaning contract is significantly decreased.

June 28, 2021

I’ve had numerous staff going out of their way to tell me how impressed they are with the cleaning since Realcorp took over the contract.

May 08, 2021

It is difficult to find a company that will go that extra mile when it comes to maintaining the clean appearance required with a workplace. Realcorp certainly tick that box.

April 28, 2021

“We strive to earn your trust and once we have delivered, we strive to keep it. That’s what makes our clients stay with us.”

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Do cleaning contractors need to be licensed?

Yes, all commercial cleaning contractors are required to hold a labour-hire license. To check if your contractor is licensed, search the online register at Labour Hire Authority – Register of Licensed Providers

What type of cleaners fall under the definition as needing to be licensed?

If a cleaning company provides workers to work as a cleaner in a commercial premise (ie office, apartment building, gym, school etc) they are likely providing labour-hire services and need to be licenced. See Companies can be fined for engaging non-licensed cleaning contractors.

How many days per week does my office need to be cleaned?

There are too many variables to provide a black and white answer to this. Factors include the number of people working in the office, the number of bathrooms that those employees share, whether COVID preventative cleaning measures are handled in house vs outsourced, whether clients or other visitors regularly attend the office etc. We are happy to work with you to provide a no-obligation scope based on your organisation’s needs.

How can I be sure that I am engaging the best possible cleaning contractor and what are the red flags for a bad one?

Have a look at our pre-engagement checklist! Click Here.

How can we make the cleaning contract as price effective as possible?

It all comes down to making the scope as efficient as possible. We never sell our clients services that they don’t need. If a cleaning task can be performed monthly instead of weekly, without significantly compromising quality, it can save significant money. We will work with you to provide a highly efficient no-obligation scope based on your organisation’s needs and budget.

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