Agency aged care cleaner hire

Hire Aged Care Cleaners Today

Our extensive pool of agency aged care cleaners are friendly, reliable and experienced cleaning specialists who are on-call, ready for short or long term hire at your aged care facility.

Our team provide high touch, high quality aged care facility cleaning services, with a high touch approach to ensure the work is completed on time and to an exceptional standard.

Consistently Showing Up For Our Clients

Realcorp specialise in providing short-term agency cleaners in aged care facilities around Australia. In a tight labour market where other companies have not been able to secure talent, we have assisted in providing trained cleaning staff in over 60 centres including for BlueCross, Heritage Care, Signature Care, St Basil’s and Royal Freemasons in the past year alone. We have a deep network of experienced and high performing cleaners at our disposal. We pay our team fairly, comply with all relevant legislation and continue to receive positive feedback and recurring opportunities from our clients.

Why Choose Realcorp For Your Aged Care Facility Cleaner Hire?

  • Realcorp have a large pool of aged care facility cleaners who are available at short notice and for flexible periods of time, so you can count on us to get you the staff you need, when you need them.
  • Realcorp build close relationships with our clients and work together as a team to get you efficient and effective aged care cleaning staff when you need them.
  • We are commercial cleaning experts. Know that your job will be done well the first time, every time.
  • We’re proud to offer some of the best agency aged care cleaners in the industry
  • Our aged care cleaners are experienced and professional, but are also reliable, friendly and caring individuals who are well suited to work within your aged care facility among residents and patients.
  • We’re outbreak specialists: As an industry leader, Realcorp were quick to invest in the best research and have succinctly documented procedures to train our team to both mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19 and to decontaminate a facility should an outbreak eventuate. Realcorp have provided resources on countless occasions to assist facilities which are under infection outbreak, including for Covid-19.

Aged Care Cleaners in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

If you are working with or own an aged care facility in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, let’s get in touch to discuss Realcorp becoming your staffing partner for agency aged care cleaner hire. We work with our partner facilities to send the best cleaners and provide the best aged care cleaning labour hire services in the industry and pride ourselves on our high-touch approach. To be on our Realcorp staffing list, all our aged care temp cleaning staff have completed extensive training to meet our high ‘5 star’ standards which are reviewed regularly to ensure our great work output is maintained.

If you’re looking for an aged care cleaner at short notice or to fill a temporary gap in employment, give our team a call to discuss.

Happy Realcorp Cleaner - Agency Aged Care Cleaners on Site At Short Notice

Temporary Aged Care Cleaner Hire

Hire our aged care cleaning staff for a day, or for a quarter! Filling a sick day, or covering until permanent recruitment is finalised? Whatever your requirements, our staff are flexible and we can work with you to ensure that cleaner staffing isn’t a stressful situation for you. The benefit of working with Realcorp is that you know we are just a phone call away to provide you with a suitable cleaner for your aged care facility when you need us.

Realcorp Cleaner Hired As Agency Aged Care Cleaner Cleaning Windows

Aged Care Cleaners We Know You’ll Love

Our team are all highly trained in both the latest and best cleaning practices and the Realcorp cleaning expectations for our clients. Due to our extensive training, we are confident that you and the residents at your aged care facility will love our agency cleaning staff we can provide you and their quality of our service.